Eiffel Tower Wedding Party

Baldwin stepped outside of her role as playwright to direct this fresh take on Jean Cocteau’s 1920’s surrealist farce about a photographer trying to snap the perfect photo of a wedding party on the Eiffel Tower. Chaos ensues as unexpected characters—an ostrich, a lion, a bathing beauty, and a massacring child—burst forth from the camera onto to the scene. Written fresh from his days as an ambulance driver for World War I, Cocteau’s play celebrates art and life in the face of death, machinery, and the things we can't control. In fall of 2011 Baldwin paired The Eiffel Tower Wedding Party with a commissioned companion work by experimental theatremaker Michael Haverty for KSU’s The Cocteau Hour, produced by the Department of Theatre and Performance Studies, with original music composed by Daniel Hilton (TPS alumnus) and jazz musician MJ Williams.

In summer 2012, Baldwin teamed up with co-director Karen Robinson and a KSU student ensemble to remount The Eiffel Tower Wedding Party. After presenting the at the 2012 LMDA International Conference in Atlanta, they traveled to Morocco to participate in the Festival International de Théatre Universitaire de Casablanca in Morocco (2012), where the production won two awards.