Night Blooms

In 1965 Selma, Alabama, a rare bloom comes to life on the porch as an historic movement marches forward in the streets. And in the Stafford home, an unexpected visitor changes the lives of two families forever, proving that personal ties are more intricate than politics, and that true social change demands love, humor, and grace.

Night Blooms is Baldwin’s attempt to make sense of her own family story within the big story of history. It’s a play about how families face and live through change, and how change forces us to see the world with different eyes. Developed and first produced by Horizon Theatre Company in Atlanta, Night Blooms earned Baldwin the 2011 Gene Gabriel Moore Playwriting Award for best new play by an Atlanta Playwright.

“Like a heady mix of Tennessee Williams and Kathryn Stockett’s best-selling novel The Help, Margaret Baldwin’s Night Blooms… is an absorbing portrait of a crumbling social structure that articulates multiple points of view while capturing the tentative moral footing of those caught somewhere in between.” – Wendell Brock, AJC

Night Blooms gives us real people, who with all their flaws and there are some doozies on display – are so loved by the playwright and the company of actors that we can't help but love them too.” – Phil Kloer,